fatherly thing

February 2, 2014 at 4:15 am | Posted in katarsis | 2 Comments

i used to read everything when i was a kid so it feels kinda strange that i feel kinda concerned that teenagers are probably reading this blog. i always hate growing up and what a sad thing to know that i am now gradually, inevitably becoming one of them: the grown ups. i just think kids should have fun and should not be reading a blog that writes about, you know, the vanity of being alive, about a godless universe and all that is bleak and depressing. i know it’s stupid. this is perhaps a fatherly thing; i have a daughter and i want her to be happy all the time; to have a lot of friends; to be somehow ‘normal’. and this blog doesn’t seem be written by a ‘normal’ person and somehow i don’t want her to read this blog. but that’s silly. i mean, she will grow up too and will read this blog anyway.

so i give you all one of bowie’s greatest songs. cherish your childhood, kids!


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  1. Hahaha… Kalo anak kuliahan sok-kritis masuk itungan anak kecil ga? :p

  2. iya hahahaha

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