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November 13, 2012 at 6:45 am | Posted in iseng, katarsis | 2 Comments
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klara and mr. kralik

i cannot explain my obsession with anything old. even the word vintage fascinates me. it’s a beautiful word, isn’t it? i really cannot tell: is it because i studied history in college that i like old stuff, or is it because i like old stuff that i decided to major in history?  it’s hard to say, really. this is one those silly things in life that does nothing but tinkering with your brain, like asking: if god knows everything, can he change his mind? you have no idea how much i cherish watching old movies, especially movies that were made long before i was born, or those produced long before Indonesia merdeka, the ones that made our grandparents laugh and cry when they were young! i wanna be there, at the time when my grandpa was at my age. i wanna know how it feels to live in Jakarta when the Dutch were still around, when Chairil Anwar, the poet, was strolling the sidewalks of Kota Tua, window-shopping or shoplifting or whatever. that’s why i love all of the videos featuring Indonesia’s past by Timescape on Youtube. god bless you, man, whoever you are. anyway, this is actually not a post about my constant and slightly painful yearning for a life-altering trip to the past, but my silly passion for ladies in black-and-white films. :mrgreen: one of them is Margareth Sullavan (this is an ugly name, but i will ignore this). she was born in 1909 and died in 1960, about 22 years before i came to this world. i think being pretty is more than just having a good look. look matters, of course, but that’s not enough to make a woman attractive. i know that you already knew about this. but i need to emphasize it here. for Klara Kovak in The Shop Around the Corner is such a lovely girl. she is more than just pretty; she is adorable, she’s charming and gorgeous. she is so ordinarily cute. but she’s dead by now. it’s not that things would be different if she was still alive. she’s nothing but a fantasy. and we fell in love with movie characters all the time. but the fact that this woman died a long time ago and still fascinates you is a bit scary. it’s like falling for a ghost, a very pretty ghost.


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  1. Not that I watch many oldies, but always like Audrey Hepburn ‘apparition’. 😛

    “The rain in Spain…”

  2. She’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I like her too. She’s okay. She’s better than Marilyn Monroe, Capote’s choice for the main character in the movie.

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