Definitely Not a Heroic and Inspiring Blogger

October 27, 2011 at 10:15 pm | Posted in katarsis | 1 Comment
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On blogging babbling on the web

I like to write about what I feel about life; about love, or being sad and all. I like to write about you; how I miss you — the hazy, indefinite idea of the one and only ‘you’; or why — why tonight, here, isn’t like the many nights before. Or is it? It’s déjà vu. I always wonder why we’re not strangers. I mean, of all people in the world, why do I think of you? I know politics, a little [Well, yeah, it’s true, everybody does. We’re greedy and power hungry, that’s hardly news, eh? 😐 Political science? Meh.]. I ironically make a living by writing about politics. I’m no good at it, really. I don’t know. Maybe this is just the way I am. Politics, it bores me. I like poetry. I like to prose about you; how I feel about you, what I think of you. Hey, what do you say if I tell you that you are to me the embodiment of everything that is perennially absent in art and religion? Ah, you must hate me for being too sentimental and getting too touchy all the time. It’s not that I don’t care about others. I do not entirely lose my faith in humanity. I detest corruption. Really. I think poverty should be eradicated, too. I’m not, you know, entirely detached from the society I live in. But I do not intend to change the world. That’s all. And even if I do, I don’t expect my blog writings to make a huge difference either. I am no Karl Marx or J.D. Salinger, for Chrissake! I am as confused and powerless as anyone else. That’s, I guess, the reason why I like to write about what I feel about life; about love and being sad and all. I’m definitely not a blogger.

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