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January 10, 2011 at 9:26 am | Posted in sekedar | 2 Comments
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“All sounds humble themselves in the presence of the Rahman, nothing will you hear except whispers.” The Qur’an, 20:108


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  1. Aha! Which version did you use, Sir? I prefer Maulana Muhammad Ali from Anjuman Isha’at e Islam Lahore. :mrgreen:

    On that day they will follow the Inviter, in whom is no crookedness; and the voices are low before the Beneficent God, so that thou hearest naught but a soft sound.

    The Inviter in whom there is no crookedness is no other than the Holy Prophet, as is clearly stated elsewhere: “Who revealed the Book to His servant and did not make in him any crookedness” (18:1). The whole verse clearly points to a time when Islam would be completely established, and instead of opposition the voices would be low before the Beneficent. The lowness of the voice indicates submission. 😎

  2. ^ I got it from Aboul Fadl’s book, The Conference of Books. Yeah, Ali’s translation is much better, more lyrical.

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