A Love Song for Karl Marx

July 10, 2010 at 2:15 am | Posted in katarsis, refleksi | 6 Comments
that love is red

that love is red

In the beginning of The Communist Manifesto was the saying of Marx and his buddy Engels: that the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles. Ah, if only life were that simple; in which the oppressed only whine about their oppressors. Because you, Tangerine, you said I overdid it; that, perhaps in sarcastic manner, you said you never get to the level of poetry I’ve been struggling to reach (I can always write you the sweetest line, but you know I hate greeting cards). It matters to you; that you comprehend every word I said. But words are words, katakata adalah katakata; they lie even when they try to be clear. Have you read today’s newspapers? Don’t. Never pollute your minds with the words of charlatans! What is love, Karl Marx would aptly ask, if not a trick used by people like Bill Gates to alienate human beings from their basic nature? For love the proletarians work in factories; so that they could buy new clothes for their lovers, their daughters. Love is religion. And love is the opiate of the masses. It’s there to ensure that the proletarians will behave as the bourgeoisies want them to behave; as a slave. Tangerine, sayang, I shouldn’t have left you there; this pain I could not wither; for the zillionth times I wish I didn’t say what I have said; and didn’t do what I have done. There is no love in Communism.


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  1. i don’t know why everything seems irrelevant now. 😐

  2. thanks for information….postingnya keren…

  3. merah…
    klo menurut sebuah situs, merah melambangkan cinta yang menggebu-gebu. seperti mawar merah ituuu…cinta yang menggebu katanya :mrgreen:

  4. So, love is hammer and sickle… and revolution? 😉

  5. google ad nya lama-lama mengganggu tampilan yah

  6. @isma: merahnya merah jambu itu avatarnya.
    @jensen: bisa juga begitu. love is revolution. *halah*
    @rudi: never see the ad.

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