Four Days In My Life That Are Supposed To Be Unforgettable but Will Soon Be Forgotten As Soon As I Leave Home and Go For Work Tomorrow Morning — on Sunday

May 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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So there was 500 Days of Summer. And The Smiths: The Boy with the Thorn in His Side. Morrisey, too. The First of the Gang To Die! Had a little fight with GF. Queen’s In Only Seven Days. Spread Your Wing! Tafsir al-Munir. Al-Arabiyah Linasyi’in: Manhaju Mutakamil Ligoiri Natiqiiina Bil Arabiyah. And the other one, an-Nahwu al-Asasy. The Smiths, again. Queen, again. Still hate Pink Flyod, all the songs, all the albums. Cursing Efek Rumah Kaca. A pretty mbak at warung soto near Mitra is suspiciously pretty — susuk? She’s from Kudus, a region that always reminds me of the Vatican. Kudus. Holy. Rolling Stones Indonesia, a magazine. Got it gratis two years ago [May 2007 Edition]. Why do they, those music writers, write about the same thing all the time: Pink Floyd — how great they were, how legendary they are, again and again, yeah, yeah. Their Bahasa Indonesia, sucks, btw. I mean Rolling Stones Indonesia. Shutter Island!! One word: Insane. GF called. Is it not Sunday? Saturday, Saturday. Work is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday — falling into the abyss of bad faith.


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  1. this post is so ugly. :mrgreen:

  2. Sepertinya sudah waktunya libur panjang….mariiiiii…..

  3. Well, I don’t mean to preach or anything, but why the heck your posts recently look all doom and gloom? Not even slightest hint of vitality. 😐
    Cheer up, man. We all know grappling with existentialism and whatnot is hard, but it doesn’t mean life is all dark-n-edgy. You may want to have a look at more optimistic Eastern Philosophies, though. Just change of situation from, you know, the usual Kierkegaard-and-Sartre stuffs.
    *just saying*
    *kalau tidak diterima ya tidak apa-apa* 😛

  4. Udah resign aja resign, jadi pemain bola apa seniman ekspresionis… :mrgreen:

  5. @sora9n
    Promosi zen? :mrgreen:

  6. @butterfly: iya nih beneran.
    @sora9n: wah makasih sora9n. *terharu*
    @lambrtz: halah kamu nih.

  7. @ sora9n

    […] but why the heck your posts recently look all doom and gloom? Not even slightest hint of vitality. 😐

    Nah, ini juga yang saya keluhkan sebagai pengikut gentoleisme™ utarakan kepada kembaran empu blog ini di fesbuk kemarin hari 😐

  8. @frozen: wah protes nih? 😛

  9. […] di masa depan, dan sekeras mungkin berusaha, insya Allah tidak akan sekelam kehidupan senior yang [ ini ] jika saya ditakdirkan masih hidup hingga usia […]

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