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January 13, 2010 at 10:08 pm | Posted in apresiasi | 7 Comments

This classic is underrated and I don’t know why I feel kinda sad for it. Dorothy and her army seem to have done their best here to entertain us with their plain honesty; it may not be a good movie as it is full of oddities, but hey this is OZ!!



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  1. manusia kalengnya! manusia kalengnya!
    mengingatkan pada….
    teman saya, Mario 😳

  2. ^
    Eh eh eh, ada apa dengan dia? Cerita dong.. ;;)

  3. Mungkin karena di dalam cerita itu tiada ada yang lebih misterius dari He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ? :mrgreen:
    Dari gambar yang kau tampilkan itu, sepertinya itu karya yang lebih tua dari usiaku… 😳

  4. Recently I re-read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ again. And I found so many of messages lie here and there. So many that I never really aware or taken interest to, same goes to H.C Andersen’s stories. Some of them were thrilling, some of them were just, sad and lonely stories. 😦

  5. *typo : should be :
    So many which I never really aware of or taking any interest in it before(during my chilhood days).

  6. @lumiere: haha mirip lambrtz yah
    @lambrtz: sudah, tak penting.
    @perokok aktif: itu masih baru kok; 82 ke atas.
    @frea: dah baca yang Through the Looking Glass?

  7. itu masih baru kok; 82 ke atas.

    … tetap saja itu sudah melewati 1/4 abad…. 🙄
    Hussh! Jangan sebut2 angka keramat itu! 😈

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