Beliefs, arts, philosophy and all the catshits

May 1, 2009 at 8:11 am | Posted in Catatan | 10 Comments

So it seems to me that we have reached the end of history;  not because all mysteries have been and will soon be unraveled (thanks to our men of science); but more essentially because we now believe that the future is the Eternal Now and the past has literally become a thing of the past (an illusion created by the wires in your brain). The past and the future, metaphorically speaking, have evaporated in the wake of the Eternal Now. The presence, my dear readers, has become the ONLY Reality. This is the biggest discovery mankind ever made: the awareness that there’s nothing beyond the presence, which actually has a far greater impact on our life than that of the hush conviction that there’s nothing beyond matter. History ends when we discover that the linearity of time is a fantasy and that we inevitably exist in the nihilism of the Eternal Now. For this means there’s no God at the first place to create everything that is and there’s no hell for amoral atheists at the end of the day! The question of origin, although rhetorically possible to ask, is no longer relevant. You are the beginning and the end! And there’s obviously no point of asking the purpose of living for there’s no future awaiting us when the journey is over. This is a disturbing idea. If you believe that you’re moving forward, leaving the past and approaching the future, you’re being delusional. You go nowhere! You agree with me? Yes? No? Ah, silahkan. This is probably my last post. I decided to go for a long hiatus or perhaps quit blogging here. If anybody manages to comprehend what I was saying up there; do believe that I don’t really understand what I just said. Hehe… Mind is chaotic, you know; like a pandemonium. Everything just popped up. Bikin tulisan sendiri saja bila ada yang keberatan.

PS: I have decided to go back to the real world and write about the real things, possibly related to journalism, in my new blog. No more writings about beliefs, arts, deities, philosophy and other catshits (the Indonesian phrase for bullshit). Yes, surely it will be a “serious” blog. I learned a lot from my older brothers/sisters like Mas Siti Jenang and Mbak Illuminationis (the mystics believing that science is a lousy tool to acquire knowledge) and also from my younger brothers like Sora9n and Kgeddoe (the young men of science believing the otherwise). I will probably still be around giving comments as Gentole. So thanks for visiting my blog. See you.


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  1. bener -bener sibuk banget sangat dan betul-betul ya… *lebay*

    jangan lama-lama hiatusnya.
    trus ituuu klo saya ga salah mentranslate, blog ini mau jadi serius banget gitu? mau dijadiin semacam jurnal kegiatan sehari -hari ya?
    ah, ada bagusnya juga. biar saya ga terlalu beurat bacanya ^0^

    ditunggu ya.

  2. Sudahlah bang, apa adanya saja, gak ada aturan harus serius atau gak penting sama skali. ini Blog-mu, its yours..
    tapi apapunlah, nice 2 know U.
    See ya 😉
    now you trust me that illuminationist is a “she” do U? 8) soal intuisi, saya memang rada “dilebihkan” :mrgreen: *congkak ON*

  3. OK bye

  4. Mengingatkan saya pada konsep waktu S.H Nasr, image keabadian yang bergerak. Bravo:))

  5. so where is this new blog?

    The presence has become the ONLY Reality.

    The past lives in memory, the future exists only in imagination, only the present of this very moment is REAL.

    there’s no hell in the end!

    No need to wait for the end of time to experience heaven as well as hell. They can be experienced in this very life.

    The question of origin ( = ontology) is never no longer relevant.

    Ontological questions ARE indeed not relevant if your goal is to be happy.

    You go nowhere!

    Everyone develops, everything changes. Nobody stays stuck in the same place forever IMO.

  6. *tercengang baca komen di atas*
    thats brilliant mam!
    *mengalami aufklarung*

  7. ^
    sebrilian apapun komentar di blog ini, Mas Gentole sudah tak hidup lagi. Beliau sudah tenang di alam sana. u_u
    *Hhh… padahal dia punya dua utang pada saya*

  8. Weleh, ternyata udah hiatus…
    Barusan dikasih award. Karena pingbacknya ga nyampe ke sini, undangan saya kirim langsung ke yang terundang.

    Ya sudahlah…

    *menunduk lesu, undangan tidak bersambut* 😦

  9. (the mystics believing that science is a lousy tool to acquire knowledge)

    awareness manifest itself through science by harnessing ones knowledge and understanding. ditunggu reinkarnasinya… 😎

  10. WHAT!!!! bro gentole mati?????

    menangisi kuburannya. BTW, ngat kalo udah reinkarnasi kabarin ya?
    sepertinya saya tertarik melihat tulisan jurnalistiknya mas gentole.

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