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My Pakistani flatmate, who eats pork and drinks alcohol, just introduced me to these two talented Pakistani girls. They are Zeb and Haniya, whose appearance in their live performances somehow reminded me of D’Cinnamons back home, though the quality of their sound is, in my view, far above that of the Indonesian pop band [Well, I don’t know if they are comparable, but I got the feeling that the so-called purist jazz lovers will consider the duo’s songs as “too easy-listening” and therefore “artless”]. But having endured such painful days of listening to the mostly narcissistic, repetitive, irrelevant, anachronistic and corny Bollywood songs played by my South Asian friends, Zeb and Haniya came to me like angels descending from heaven beyond the clouds. Here is one of their songs I have been enjoying recently:

They sing in Persian (the language spoken by Khomeini) and Pushto (the language spoken by some of the Taliban). They do come from the land of the extremists. They, artists who believe in freedom of expression, have to coexist with some lunatics who condone bomb attacks on music and video shops! Ah, that’s perhaps the reason why they have the gift to make good music. 😀 [There is a good article on them here in Newsweek.]

I don’t know if life is really worth fighting for or worth losing as the late George Carlin says, but Zeb and Haniya’s piece, “Paimana Bitte”, has restored my belief in a world beyond matter which I have longed for. Ah, if the “real” world turns out to be so ugly and horrible, I don’t mind being deceived by everything; I’ll savor every deception, every illusion, every false reality that soothes me. And I am so grateful for a brief moment of indulgence I experience when I hear the lead singer of the Pakistani duo sings: Bring me the glass, so I can lose myself…I recommend you read Rumi’s poems while listening to this song. Rumi wrote his mystical poems in Persian, btw, a beautiful language which makes Islam look so great and cultured. I love the mood it created. Ethereally sublime.


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  1. Indian songs? Try Ravi Shankar and George Harrison and Brian Jones :mrgreen:

    They, artists who believe in freedom of expression, have to coexists with some lunatics who condone bomb attacks on music and video shops!

    BTW, I recommend you to watch “Global Metal“. The genre may not attract you, but the documentary tells how Heavy Metal can survive in (say) some countries in Middle East.

  2. Hohohoho…you’re always here to defend the Indians. 😀 Yeah, it’s really too bad that Islam has been somehow dominated by the literalists, while its teachings are basically no different from those of Christianity and Judaism — a little bit archaic, anachronistic and fascist.

  3. This is hypnotising. And you may want to fix that link to “Zeb and Haniya”. Because it doesn’t link to anywhere…

    Rumi wrote his mystical poems in Persian, btw, a beautiful language which makes Islam look so great and cultured.

    BTW, I have this certain dislike for the word “cultured”. What the hell does that mean, anyway.[/OOT]

  4. @atas
    Ups, sorry about that. I have fixed it now.
    Hypnotising? Well, yes, it is. Music critics in Pakistan say their music is not “extraordinary”, and that’s fine. I know you won’t like it.

    BTW, I have this certain dislike for the word “cultured”. What the hell does that mean, anyway.

    Hehe, what I mean is that some people are more into arts than others. And this is true — the fact is the Taleban hate culture, though in some ways they do have a culture (art), a bad one. You see, it doesn’t mean that those who are not into arts are not “cultured”, I am not using the word as the cynics are using it. It’s just that when I recall Rumi and Iqbal, who wrote in Persian, I feel like there is something else in Islam besides the sharia and khilafah. It sounds elitist and arrogant, I know, but that’s not what I mean. Really. 😀

  5. @Abu Geddoe

    What the hell does that mean, anyway.

    You can use it when you feel chauvinistically proud of your culture. Use it sometimes. 😈
    *dilempar pizza*
    …on my second thought, to me the question sounds like a political correctness clarification =_=’
    (I may be wrong, though)

  6. @lambrtz, abu geddoe
    If that’s really a sort of political correctness question [what the hell is this, anyway :mrgreen: ], I’d like to note a few things on Zeb and Haniya. Firstly, they are Pashtun people, which accounted for the majority of people in Afghanistan. The majority of Taleban are, of course, Pasthun. The word “Taleban” itself is in Pashto. So, the Pakistani duo and the Taleban are cousin! And now see the contrast between the two: the former loves art and is evidently inclusive, while the latter hates art, believes women should not go to school and is backwardly xenophobic. And, secondly, Zeb and Haniya are probably the first female band and songwriters in Pakistan. This stark contrast is perhaps the reason why I use the word “cultured”. I think I need to have a word to tell between Muslims supporting Osama bin Laden and Muslims inspired by Iqbal and Rumi.

  7. Langsung jadiin mp3 aja ah… lumayan jadi ringtone
    *bajak mode:ON*

  8. Ah sayang, kualitas suaranya kurang jernih. (Pembajak juga punya standar teknis.)

  9. walah bhs inggris
    walo lagunya engga ngerti, tapi emang kental nuansa timteng nya ya..itu makna liriknya apa?
    zeb dan haniya itu apa nama orang apa tempat?
    *ga baca postingannya abis bhs inggris suka lama ngertinya* :mrgreen:

  10. @agamaitucandu
    Saya ada MP3nya satu album kalo mau. 😀
    Kan ada terjemahannya di videonya. Itu liriknya.

  11. I couldn’t get over the first name. Zeb. Arabic slang for male genitalia. Damn. I’m such a perv!
    But at least Haniya, meaning indulgence or pleasurable, complements the context…

    Ada tidak sebuah cara dimana saya bisa kirim email? Baru menabrak blog Anda semalam…lewat jalur mana sudah lupa sama sekali. Mungkin memang ditakdirkan untuk bertemu. Tapi saya ingin menulis untuk/tentang Anda. Bagaimana caranya?

  12. @hning
    Saya bisa kirim imel.

    Tapi saya ingin menulis untuk/tentang Anda. Bagaimana caranya?

    Apapun itu, apabila ingin menulis untuk mencaci atau memuji, mengupas atau menelanjangi, dan lain-lain, mohon dilakukan secara proporsional. Saya ini bloger yang rapuh. *halah* Tetapi kalau bisa kupas aja post-post saya yang sok tau tentang Islam, atau agama, atau Tuhan. Saya baca blog Anda, Anda rajin menulis tentang Islam juga.

  13. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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