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Going Astray

On a bright sunny day he decided to become an atheist. He never really understood what the atheist philosophers said about the almighty, all-knowing being that he ever believed had created the universe sometime ago in the absence of time, and nor had he ever had the slightest idea of what the atheist scientists were saying about the origin of life of which he knows very little: what were we before we were born?

He attended a school of philosophy to find answers but only to return home with more questions far more basic, far more delicate and far trickier than the ones he had asked before. He was fascinated by the ticklish questions all the clever and erudite philosophers posed; he loved their clear expositions, their solid propositions, their strong arguments, their excellent logic, their witty rhetoric, their interesting lives and so on. But none of them provided him the certainty he had had when he was a little boy; when he believed 100 percent in the eternity of his being/consciousness – in life beyond death in heaven, or hell, under God. He needed no reasons to reject the authority of any beings other than himself, then the only reality he trusted. He lost his faith for stupid quasi-political reasons. He just made himself the God of his life; a decision he regretted deeply.


left in the dark

On the darkest day of his life he decided to find his way back to God. But he knew too well he had gone too far and too long to remember where he came from. He failed to recognize his own footprints. It was too late – he missed his only chance to be God’s children. He knew he was now an orphan fully alone in a world that could not be more alien to him. He cried bitterly. Life, objectively seen as ephemeral by those who count their age, is never short to those who suffer.

The road to death is to him an eternity.

Born to be non-believers

There is nothing more obvious than your own mind. We are never sure about things as they are in themselves. Is the redness of the red really red? Is the vulgarity of the vulgar really vulgar? We could never know. We could only believe. But what does it mean to “know”? And what does it mean to “believe”? Life is presented in and understood through metaphors. A box of chocolate. A winding road. A game to play. Etc. We know very little of our lives. Everybody is new in town. We have long resorted to poets and novelists to tell us what life is, or what it is supposed to be; but, alas, poetry is a means to an end. Metaphor always speaks of something else. Interpretation is thus a sysyphian struggle to find meaning – a distant, intangible “thing” which will always be on the other side of the road. The truth is perennially that which lies behind the perceptual; we are cursed to disbelieve it as an actual truth. Men are born to be non-believers.

We are destined to be infidels.


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  1. we are nomads, plateus or rhizomes…with non linear history…we are multiplicities to the core…

    what to explain about it…it takes ages to understand oneself…but it wont happen without accidents…lets through ourself to the accidents…and lets leave ourself in dark alone…

    its k

  2. OOT ini…

    Saya lihat gambarnya kok malah jadi merinding ya? Ingat jalan kecil di pesantren yang bikin awak terbirit-birit kalo satu udah star lari duluan :mrgreen:

  3. Wow! That’s so me! 😯


    tapi menyedihkan sekali yah ~(-_-~) (~-_-)~ gunyu gunyu…

    *kabur perlahan*

  4. euhm…, refleksi yah? 🙄 berbagi ya…
    for me, it doesnt matter anymore about what we were before, about the existence of hell, or how the heaven looks like…
    krn Kepercayaan…
    sejauh kita percaya kehadiranNYA, pd janjiNYA, ya sudah.
    Le Coeur a ses raisons que La Raison ne connait point.

    karna kepercayaanlah yg memberi kita harapan,
    bahwa hidup kita punya tujuan,
    & bermakna, sekecil apapun peran yg kita mainkan…
    maka kalimat terakhir itu…

    We are destined to be infidels.

    ??? Errrr.. entahlah, I’m not so sure.

  5. @Manish Mishra
    What do you mean with accidents?
    @buya alex
    Iya, memang mengerikan. Saya takut gelap.
    Yeah, I know.
    Maafkan kalimat saya yang terkesan ambigu. Tulisan semacam ini hanya bisa dibaca dengan rasa. Halah. Tapi, kayaknya kita tak berbeda jauh. 😀

  6. Yeah, I know.

    seperti nggak niat

  7. We are destined to be infidels.

    “Please don’t say infidels. That’s an offensive word, you know”
    (Amaar, the Mercy mosque’s imam to Baber Siddiqui in ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’)

  8. @frozen
    Kenapa nak? :mrgreen:
    It’s a western/Christian word. Yes, it’s offensive, but I am using it in a different sense here. Anyway, it’s not to be taken literally.

  9. @Gentole
    That’s not my word. I took it from the TV serial about Muslim community daily live in Canada. A character named Baber Shiddiqui always called non-muslims with that word. The imam named Amaar always keep warn him not to use that word and he agreed to change the word with imbeciles and barbars :mrgreen:

  10. @gentole

    *laporkan sebagai situs dewasa*
    *bimbingan orang tua*

  11. we are destined to be infidels. are we? the last paragraph is quite convincing, though. well done.

    a very contemplative writing. so this is how a man becomes a so-called atheist, huh? scary… since it may well be happening to anyone, and by saying so i meant me!

    (jangan nulis yang serem-serem napa?) :mrgreen:

  12. @ando-kun
    Yes, I know that.
    @si rudi
    Duh, anak-anak memang mestinya bermain; jangan ngeblog.
    People become what they are for different reasons. So, what is happening to you that you think that you might become an atheist? 😀

  13. accidents
    are unknowns
    where you’ll throw yourself
    and its a thought
    without roots

    accidents are not easy
    and you would love to talk about most
    be the accident
    and accompany the dark

  14. Ini dongeng tentang diri sendiri yah Gentole?

  15. *lirik komen atas*
    *psst… tadinya saya juga mau nanya itu, tapi demi melihat yang ini:

    He attended a school of philosophy to find answers.

    *saya jadi mengurungkannya, secara beliau ini bukan masuk ke sana, as far i know*
    *psst… jangan bilang2 mas gentole yah*

    *jinjit2 kabur dengan perlahan*

  16. @manish
    Ah, you’re speaking in poetry. I like that.
    Antara iya dan tidak.

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